2K18-locker code: advantages and steps for using locker code

NBA 2k18 VC is going to be launched, and the players are so excited about it. This video game will be launched on PS4, Nintendo, as well as Xbox. In addition, NBA 2k18 locker codes is a portal that helps you to obtain the locker codes easily. The players can generate the locker codes using the NBA 2K 18-locker code that contains diamond players or VC. This locker code is available online for all systems whether it is play station 3, 4 or PC, once redeemed it can have up to 100000 VC.

There are following advantages of 2K18-locker code online:
• 24-hour validity: the 2k 18-locker code is valid to the players for 24 hours after generation is completed. You can, therefore take advantages of the 24-hour validity.
• Unlimited locker codes: you can generate unlimited locker codes with the help of 2K18 locker codes available online. You can repeat the procedure much time to get the diamond players as well as VC. It is your choice to use the locker code whenever you want.
• Free: the 2k18 locker code is free to use and can be used by anybody. There are no charges for using the locker code, and thus, you can generate free locker code using the web-based generator.

How you get unlimited locker codes?
To get the locker code, you have to open the 2K18-locker codes. Then you have to click on the “get locker code” option. Then after this, you will have to select the console with that you want locker code to work. Now you have to choose locker code redeems in the next step after this final step is to click on the option “reveal complete locker code.”
Therefore, get the unlimited locker codes using NBA 2K18 locker codes online and get the advantages discussed above. In addition, the procedure for getting unlimited locker a code is given which the players can use and generate the VC as well as the diamond players.