If you want a slender and toned figure go to the amazing reading gym The Shrequarters

When we take the first step and make the decision to enroll in a gym, we investigate in this broad line of service the one that suits our needs and demands; economic and physical - a variety of options.

The Shrequarters offers the best facilities, covering a large part of the market in terms of exercises, so you can include yourself in the discipline of your preference and make fun routines that facilitate weight loss, increase in muscle mass and increase in physical capacity that allows you to see a slim and toned figure with the passing of days.

Our gym in reading adapts perfectly to your style, counting on the best and qualified specialists in the sports, psychological, nutritive and physical areas, this multidisciplinary team will help you to fight the levels of anxiety, self-esteem and above all, to fight the extra weight on your body, you will find all this and more in one place.

The attention and follow-up are the best, you will have a personal training reading that will be your routine companion, not only will you indicate what you should do and how you should do it, but that you will train daily with you and give you that motivational push when you think you can not anymore.

In addition, together with the team, they will elaborate a plan of activities in the short, medium and long-term, establishing the daily limit of exercises, daily hours of training, a number of calories to fight and the types of exercises according to the state physical of the person.

If you still have questions, you can visit our gym in tilehurst and we will give you free advice, as well as a tour of our facilities. The best choice fitness.