What Is An Electronic Cigarette And How Does It Work?

Electronic cigarettes are just wonderful devices that have helped hundreds kick the bad addiction of tobacco smoke. An electronic cigarette is your best option when you are fully aware of the ill-effects of tobacco smoking yet cannot quit the habit once you become addicted.

E-cigarettes are considered a marvel of modern technology and are hailed world over because of their convenience, affordability and safety. All electronic cigarettes have three primary components namely the battery, the atomizer and a reservoir.

The battery provided with your electronic cigarette can either be rechargeable or disposable. Disposables are easy to use but you need to buy them often. This means you cannot light up whenever you want to unless you have a spare pack. Also remember that larger the battery the less frequently you need to charge it.

The atomizer is the heating element that heats up to release the vapour in your provari Malaysia e-cigarette. It is placed between the battery and the reservoir in such a manner that it is always in direct contact with the liquid or juice. Over time, the heating element has to be replaced once it burns out due to constant use.

The reservoir contains the actual liquid which is a concoction of nicotine and other substances. This is the liquid that is heated up and vapourizes to simulate the effect and feel of smoke. That is why users of electronic cigarettes are referred to as ‘vapers’ (just like people exhaling tobacco smoke are called ‘smokers’). It is but obvious that the larger reservoir your cigarette has the less frequently you need to refill it.

Reservoir can comprise a basic cartridge which is prefilled and has to be disposed off once empty. Some e cigarette models have a cartomizer which has a blanket that soaks and retains more liquid than a basic cartridge. And then you can buy a model with a tankomizer where a tank with holes is placed inside the reservoir. The liquid drips out through the holes and is heated to release vapour.

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